Organization Services

Building organizational capacity and confidence

Many of the services listed below may also be tailored to developing and advancing programs, projects and products.

Interpersonal Relations
Organization Assessment
Strategic Planning
Social Marketing
Website Development
Fund Development
Proposal Coordination
Grant Writing
Special Events
Donor Cultivation
Engaged Philanthropy


We can always benefit from another set of eyes and ears to provide an objective perspective when faced with challenges among executives, boards, staff, human resources, funders, and partner organizations. Our coaching services assists executives, managers and boards in resolving the myriad of problems that can – and do – emerge at any time.

Interpersonal Relations

When conflicts among staff and management arise, the net effect is compromised productivity, a squandering of time and money, and low morale. Upon assessing current and alternative management strategies, we can help organizations improve internal communication and strengthen systems to boost performance and morale.


Do you need a manager on a permanent or temporary basis for your organization, division or project? We can help with our detailed, efficient and cost-effective management service while building trust and confidence among staff and stakeholders. We incorporate the use of management technologies to comfortably coordinate with an organization’s current and planned systems.


Organization Assessment – by regularly conducting an internal assessment of infrastructures and systems, position in the field(s), and relationships with various constituencies, we can help determine organizational/programmatic strengths and challenges. In this way we can construct blueprints to bring systems into alignment, improve efficiency, and ensure that staff are matched with demonstrated skills.

Strategic Planning – whether you are currently experiencing a challenging period or are looking to protect your position in the field(s), the questions remains – where will your organization be in 5 years and how will you get there?


Whether communicating with clients, donors, stakeholders or the public, the way we engage others and the messages we impart greatly contribute to an organization’s and project’s success.  

Outreach (Client, Organization, Community, and Media Outreach) – making connections to various constituents is essential for the success of projects. We are proficient in establishing long-term connections, and using outreach as an opportunity for information gathering about constituents.

Marketing (Branding, Audience Selection, Language Choice) – finding the right style and tactic to reflect your organization’s sensibilities while appealing to varied audiences can be challenging. By getting to know your products, projects, and intended audiences, and through a process of tailored questions and, when necessary, market research, we can help you enhance your presence and appeal to others.

Social Marketing – Social Marketing synthesizes marketing techniques with social scientific research in developing campaigns designed to inspire new thinking and behavior change among your audience, while promoting your program. Using a bottom-up approach – with some creativity – we can effectively engage your target population. Attention is given to language, images, design, video and audio delivered through various platforms (print, poster, radio and television PSAs, new media). When applicable, EverGreene encourages the use of regional artistic/cultural traditions.

Website Development (Structure, Functionality, Design, Branding) – We work with designers and IT staff/consultants to develop websites that meet clients’ specific needs according to budget. We work to ensure that design, structure, and functionality meet organization/project needs, is designed for future expansion, represents an integrated and cohesive whole, and provides an attractive and easy online venue for client use. We can also manage the development process.

Fund Development

Generating revenue may take many forms. We focus on the following areas:

Proposal Coordination – Good proposals navigate different perspectives of a project: need, priority populations and stakeholders, goals and objectives, and the organization’s position in the field. EverGreene helps coordinate the process in order to collect needed information from the right people, and can edit the final proposal to reflect a single voice.

Grant Writing – Winning proposals reflect a realistic account of your organization’s capacities, the proposal guidelines, the potential funder’s worldview, the needs and assets of the population to be served, and a strongly designed and articulated program. EverGreene develops compelling narratives for simple to complex and innovative projects. For projects that seem to be straightforward, we can help shed light on nuances that may make your proposal a cut above the rest.

Special Events – Special events can easily become burdensome endeavors, and take a lot of staff time away from projects and running an organization. We supports the planning and coordination of special events so as to minimize unwanted surprises and last-minute crunches.

Donor Cultivation – EverGreene can assist with developing strategies for donor engagement, fundraising letters and surveys, involving major gift donors, and coordinating fundraising committees.

Engaged Philanthropy Successful fundraising relies on cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with individuals, foundations and/or corporations. Some call it ‘friendraising.’ While proposals can open doors, building solid relationships goes beyond writing a proposal or report. By understanding potential funders, you will be prepared to cultivate valuable partnerships that can lead to additional – and at times unexpected – funding opportunities, philanthropic initiatives and even major gift donations.