Linking programs to resources & communities

EverGreene Consulting offers a broad range of services, drawing upon three decades of successful support to various projects.

Areas of Expertise

(in alphabetical order)

Animals animal studies, advocacy, direct service, human-animal relationships, humane education, wildlife    

Ecology – habitat preservation/restoration, community development, water       

Entertainment / Cultural Arts – film, visual arts, installations, performance

Family Violence child, elder, sibling & animal abuse       

Gender, Sex & Sexuality –  gender roles, LGBT concerns, body image

Health – behavioral change, obesity prevention, diet & exercise, HIV/AIDS prevention & treatment, LGBT health services, women’s health

International Programs – coexistence & reconciliation, environment, health       

Inter-religious Dialogue – coexistence, partnerships, community       

Youth – youth development, community building       


Turnarounds – Much of my professional career has been devoted to conducting turnarounds and revitalizing organizations by creating and funding innovative programs, and enhancing those that lack structure, movement, adaptability and vision. With an emphasis on strategic planning and quality improvement, I build organizational structures that support and facilitate responsive programs, productive fund development and professional networks.    

Hybrid Projects – I have always enjoyed constructing hybrid projects; they exemplify ‘thinking outside the box.’ Hybrid projects expand conventional approaches by either linking projects to additional audiences or social contexts, and/or by linking two or more social ills as a means to a deeper, integrated and ultimately more effective project. This approach is especially effective in engaging hard-to-reach populations, expanding educational and funding opportunities, and enhancing the overall impact of existing projects.

Visit our Organizations page to see a selection of accomplishments. For animal-related work, visit our animal division, A Wing and A Prayer.