As a Consultant

(in alphabetical order – not a complete list)

Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) –

A coalition of over 70 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who promote people-to-people coexistence between Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East. Through ALLMEP, the NGOs seek to raise awareness about the extent and importance of their work, and to cultivate new and expanded resources to support Middle East coexistence.

Beginning in 2006, early in their formation, I assessed their mission and activities, and guided the acting ED through a strategic planning process that organized existing activities into interrelated initiatives: stakeholder educational, social marketing, volunteer initiatives, and domestic and international educational conferences. I also helped frame a vision statement, and identified and articulated core values. I developed an organizational budget and a boilerplate proposal. At their 2007 conference I led a workshop on how to secure foundation support, leading to the paper, The Joy of Grantwriting.

Animals & Society Institute (ASI) –

ASI-logoASI is an independent research and education organization that advances the status of animals in public policy, trains behavioral health professionals on implementing its programs designed to help stop the cycle of violence between animal cruelty and human abuse, and promotes the study of human-animal relationships.

From 2009 to 2017, I provide consultation in management, development and communications. Special attention was given to the reconstruction of their website. I facilitated its advisory council of prominent individuals to focus on strategic alliances, program feedback, marketing and fund development. I’ve also served on the editorial board of its multidisciplinary journal, Society & Animals.  From 2013-4, I served on its executive committee for academic programs and conceived of its online journal, Sloth.

The Diversity Center

diversitycentersccThe Diversity Center is dedicated  to enhancing lives and promoting fairness for LGBTIQ people in Santa Cruz County, California. provide safe space for visitors for friendship, support, referral, our lending and resource library, cyber center, or in-house sponsored activities and events. They provide transgender, senior, veterans and youth services, host a monthly business and professional mixer, organize a speakers bureau, and coordinate Pride events.

I coached the former Executive Director on personnel and management concerns, relations with the board of directors, and working with volunteers. This service provided the ED with the insight and confidence needed to address a variety of complicated concerns.

Friends of the Earth – Middle East (FoEME) –

ecopeaceFoEME creates effective multilevel programs involving ministries, scientists and communities in Israel, West Bank and Jordan. It is unique in bringing together Palestinians  Israelis and  Jordanians with a primary goal of promoting cooperative efforts to protect the regions shared environmental heritage. In so doing, they seek to advance sustainable regional development and the creation of social conditions for lasting peace. FoEME is a member of Friends of the Earth International, the largest grassroots environmental organization in the world.

I advised on the development of a fundable vision by expanding the organization’s vision to emphasize shared desires for peace among individuals and families (cf. nations), and introducing the concept of job readiness training as a component of their youth work. I developed templates for grant proposals and annual reports. I also edited social marketing materials, and encouraged the utilization of regional artistic/cultural traditions in promotional materials.

Green Pet-Burial Society –

Bridging the environmental and humane communities, the Society supports efforts to encourage pet cemeteries to go green, advocates for state cemetery laws to allow full-body pet burials in family cemetery plots, and encourages further research into our human perceptions of and relationships with other animals, and our connection with nature.

I founded this program in 2010 and serve as its president. I coined the term ‘Whole Family Cemetery’ which allows for a pet’s remains to be buried in the family cemetery plot (which may have 1 to several graves), including burial in the same grave. I created 9 overall objectives, including the identification of an interstate transportation system for those seeking to send their pet’s body home for burial. Already, we’ve influenced thousands in thinking differently about the status of animals in their communities and lives, and about funerary practices.

Miami-Dade County Animal Services

562478_10151556814108522_1335539484_nThe Friends of the Dade County Animal Shelter was established to support fund development and public relations for the understaffed and underfunded Miami-Dade County Animal Services. It was comprised of caring professionals and community members who wanted to strengthen service provision in order to help animals in need.

I was elected Co-Chair and Director of Humane Education shortly before Hurricane Andrew.devastated the area. In the aftermath, I co-coordinated veterinarians, animal protection organizations, army personnel, The Red Cross, volunteers, supplies and marketing animal relief efforts.

The Animal Museum

National Museum of Animals & Society logoThe Animal Museum (formerly National Museum of Animals & Society/NMAS) developed online and material exhibitions focusing on the human-animal bond, the history of animal protection, and animal studies; and has a collection and preservation effort. It instituted a multifaceted approach in examining our relationships with nonhuman animals.

I served as an advisor and then as a founding board member until April 2014. I helped to articulate the mission, vision, and scope of work, particularly its representation of animal studies. I provided guidance with fund development, internal systems and communications, and provided executive coaching to its founder during numerous challenges.

Vets Hall (a.k.a. Board of Trustees of the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building) –

hall-buildingVets Hall was operated and maintained by an independent Board of Trustees for the principal purpose of veterans affairs and provision of administrative and clerical office space for County personnel employed to administer veterans benefit programs. It also functioned as a community recreation and cultural center servicing public functions and providing rental space for numerous educational and cultural organizations and activities.

In 2010, the facility was abruptly closed due to structural damage. I was invited by the Board to help them develop strategies to encourage the County to expedite building repairs, to reinvision the building’s function to prioritize veteran’s needs, to conduct outreach and build networks with multiple veterans organizations, and to gain community support. Subsequently, a temporary service center was established while repairs were made. The facility has reopened to serve veterans.

Monarch Services –

MSSM-logo-small1Monarch Services (formerly Women’s Crisis Support ~ Defensa de Mujeres) provides crisis intervention, advocacy and counseling services for individuals experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault in Santa Cruz County, California. They also maintain a 24-hour crisis line and assist with coordinating emergency response services. In the entire county, they serve as the only rape crisis center and operate the only emergency domestic violence shelter.

In 2010, I worked with the ED and select board members and staff in formulating and implementing a multi-tiered individual donor campaign that emphasized major gifts. I assessed existing fundraising tools (e.g., website, print materials, database) and internal systems, and provided recommendations for enhancements. I wrote a comprehensive and tailored Individual & Major Gift Donor Manual to prepare the organization to research and manage donor contributions. I also prepared a user-friendly manual for their complex donor database, with procedures appropriate for various types of giving (e.g., DAFs, employee gifts, matching gifts, auto donations).

As an Employee

 (in chronological order)

Family Spirals – Founder and Executive Director –

CC by 3.0; "Rainbow Swirly Glass" by moonlightbulb on Flickr.Family Spirals is a complex capacity-building nonprofit dedicated to focusing on family dynamics holistically, requiring us to address family relationships and problems that other nonprofits and most researchers overlook. Initially, our work on interpersonal relationships is divided in four programmatic centers focusing on: siblings, adults and their parents, families with animals, and the impact of technology on family life. While we support psychotherapy, our work is interdisciplinary. In addition to creating and posting information online, we will be offering group-based programs and community-based activities to help individuals and families recognize and navigate the delicate terrain of family relationships. Eventually, we will develop as a global think tank, addressing the most critical local and global problems and their impact on families.

ETR Associates (Education, Training and Research) – Director, Business Development

A national research-based health organization known especially for its comprehensive sex education programs, national trainings, youth development programs, pamphlets on assorted health issues, and online knowledge management centers. ETR seeks to maximize the physical, social and emotional health of individuals, families and communities by advancing the work of health, education and social service providers.

Hispanic AIDS ForumDirector of Programs & Development

HAF logoHAF seeks to improve health outcomes for Latinos in New York City who are affected by HIV and other chronic illnesses. They integrate prevention and education into multifaceted programs to improve access to care and resources; increase knowledge of chronic illnesses; provide individual and group counseling to reduce risks and manage disease; and address attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that place Latinos at risk.

GMHCHIV Prevention, Program Administrator

GMHC is the world’s first provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. It is committed to ending the epidemic in the U.S. by addressing the underlying causes, shifting cultural beliefs and promoting smart behaviors that empower a healthy life for all of us. GMHC takes a client-centered approach to its services.

Miami Beach Community Health CenterActing Coordinator, HIV Health Program

Miami Beach CHC logoA full service community health center dedicated to helping the uninsured and underinsured in South Florida obtain affordable, quality and professional medical care. Upon losing all funding, I stabilized services by securing federal grants, facilitating quality improvements, designing new billing infrastructure, and networking. I supported the development of a robust HIV testing and treatment program. Under my leadership, the program was recognized as a model of comprehensive HIV care and treatment in South Florida. New grants enabled us to quadruple the budget, triple the number of staff, and open a satellite center. I directed compliance with government standards for services and research protocols and improved patient care.

Animals & Culture Studies ProgramMiami-Dade College, Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty

MDC logoI created the Animals & Culture Studies Program, the pioneer program in animal studies (a.k.a. human-animal studies, anthrozoology, critical animal studies) at the largest community college in the U.S. (The program’s funds have since been redirected into a library center at the college.) See Animal Division.

updated May 14, 2019