EverGreene Consulting provides the highest quality service to our clients with respect and confidentiality. The following core values govern our work. Our satisfaction is in learning that clients experience greater success in reaching their goals, and love the work they do.


A strong, stable, and diversified organization can weather times during scarcity and still accomplish its goals. Achieving sustainability protects employees, ensures the continuation of projects, and prevents the stresses experienced in leaner times.


Most nonprofit organizations and projects seeks cultural as well as individual transformation – they hope to inspire people to change their thinking and actions in order to correct or prevent a problem. EverGreene helps build clients’ capacities to effectively reach their goals.


EverGreene works with clients to adapt strategies and programs to changing internal and external circumstances (personnel, funding, public relations, settings) in an ever-changing world.


The most effective organizations reflect internally the values they seek to impart through their projects. EverGreene assists organizations to assess and ensure that consistency.


Growth occurs in several ways, such as by expanding reach, opportunities, networks, projects, and depth and breadth of expertise. Many organizations want to grow, and EverGreene can assist in assessing the best way for your organization and program to grow.

Cultural Competency

In addition to knowing about the people a client intends to reach through projects (e.g., cultural knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors), cultural competency can be achieved by engaging and involving members of the priority audience to ensure that projects are informed by their input, feedback and representation.


Love thy neighbor? Love the Earth? As a core business value, success will likely follow when employees love what they do. This is when work becomes a pleasure. EverGreene’s tailored services are designed to preserve – or rekindle – that love.