Eric Greene


IMG_20151105_202824 (2)My unique background integrates my work as a cultural anthropologist and community organizer, social entrepreneur and administrator, counselor, teacher, and one involved in national and international campaigns. This wealth of experience has allowed me to understand the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors from the ground up.

Such experiences have been invaluable in shaping EverGreene Consulting. My academic and professional careers have been especially involved with human health and social services, behavioral health, community development, ecological concerns and animal protection (see Expertise). Several of these projects incorporated elements of the performing and visual arts. My pioneering work in Animals & Culture Studies informs animal related consulting work offered under A Wing & A Prayer.    


Among my achievements:
  • Pioneered Animals & Culture Studies (see A Wing & A Prayer)
  • Developed hybrid programs that assess the priority populations’ relationships with various segments of society
  • When developing HIV prevention programs, I differentiated high-risk situations and environmental contexts from an individual’s behaviors (when other programs were only focused on an individual’s behaviors)
  • Contextualized domestic violence as an HIV risk factor (which was later adopted by NYC Health Department and other direct service programs)
  • Researched how transgendered populations navigate everyday life in NYC
  • Framed environmental protection as a unifying strategy for coexistence and reconciliation among conflicting populations
  • Developed Family Spirals

Academic Interests

Family dynamics, animality, semiotics, the body in public/private space, representations of nature, religion, bullying, and home-based violence.

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